COPA Innovation Laboratories announces exclusive distribution agreement with GlobalSpeed of Hemsbach, Germany.

COPA Innovation Laboratories (“CIL”), an affiliate of Walnut Creek based Hall Equities Group and parent company of COPA Soccer Training Center (“CSTC”), announced it has reached an agreement with GlobalSpeed, GmbH to be the exclusive distributor of GlobalSpeed products in the United States. 

GlobalSpeed GmbH (GS) is a Hemsbach, Germany based company focused on developing, producing and selling athletic training products associated with speed, agility, rehabilitation, fitness and cognitive skills training. Founded in 2006, GS’s flagship product is SpeedCourt® which is used by world famous soccer clubs such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen. Additional high-profile customers include the FIFA Medical Center in Dubai, University of Wurzburg – Sports Science Center, Olympic Base Stuttgart, University of Sports Shanghai, Sports Hospital Halle a.d. Saaleand even nationally-televised game show Schlag den Star (“Beat the Star”) with over 5 million spectators. In addition to SpeedCourt, GlobalSpeed offers additional products including SpeedTrack®and others currently in development in-house and in partnership with COPA Innovation Laboratories. 

In addition to focusing on the sale of GlobalSpeed products in the U.S., CIL has developed its own cutting edge soccer-related training and assessment products and will be offering the sale of a package of products, the “CIL Suite of Products”, that will include CIL developed products as well as other complementary products offered by our partners throughout the world. The CIL Suite of Products will offer customers an all-in-one solution to establish a world class training center with just one acquisition. 

COPA Innovation Laboratories (“CIL”) is engaged in research, development, sales, service and support of new athletic training tools and devices with an emphasis on equipment that can support data analytics and a quantitative approach to assessment of skills and development of individual athletes in various sports. CIL also acts as a sales distribution, service, and support agent providing access to the U.S. market for manufacturers and researchers from around the world looking to test and develop new products for the market. CIL is able to provide useful customer testing and feedback through its ownership of COPA Soccer Training Center and is able to provide a web-based internet platform for the sale of advanced athletic sports training equipment. 

COPA Soccer Training Center (“CSTC”) is a subsidiary of CIL and will be the primary ‘showcase’ for CIL products and technology. The first location is under construction in in the Shadelands SportsMall complex in Walnut Creek, California, and is slated to open during the 1stQuarter, 2019. CSTC will be a comprehensive soccer facility bringing together advanced soccer training tools, technologies, and training methodologies. Mind, body, and skills will be assessed and measured in a quantitative fashion, with real time results available for review by the parent, player, coach, and trainer. An indoor turf field and futsal courts will be used to support the core training regimens, with competitive play opportunities through indoor soccer leagues, futsal leagues and small-sided team play.