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Data driven sports assessment technologies.

Data driven sports assessment technologies.

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The evaluation of athletic skill in the sport of soccer has historically been an exercise in the subjective judgment of coaches, trainers, scouts, and parents of athletes, with a focus on qualitative factors in assessing player talent. Game play metrics and training methodologies have typically lacked robust statistical data points which can provide sport practitioners useful information in evaluating skills.  Instead, the industry has relied substantially on the “expert opinions” of experienced coaches, scouts, and others.

Those days are now behind us.  Recent advancements in technology allow for comprehensive and objective performance assessments.  Quantitative measurement of skills such as trapping, passing, shooting, dribbling, spatial awareness, decision making under stress and physical ability, speed, endurance, and power, are now accurately measured, allowing progress and improvement to be tracked.  Extraordinary skills can be identified and developed, and parents, trainers, and coaches can track progress with precision. No more guessing, no more opinions.

COPA Innovation Laboratories is leading the data-driven, quantitative revolution, re-making the world’s beautiful game.

COPA Innovation Laboratories is the parent company to four unique lines of business:

  1. Sports Training Facilities.  The first of which, COPA Soccer Training Center at the Shadelands Sportsmall in Walnut Creek, CA, will open in mid 2019.

  2. Products, Devices and Technology developed through ongoing Research and Development both in-house at our company laboratory and fabrication facilities and also in collaboration with our technology partners in the sports and science worlds.

  3. A comprehensive Database accumulated from the proprietary assessment and tracking of quantitative metrics of athlete skills.

  4. Future Business Opportunities and Franchise Models serving various soccer industry segments and investment levels.