COPA Cognitive Studio

• The cognitive assessment takes place in the groundbreaking COPA Cognitive Studio.

• The Cognitive Studio will test players across key areas of cognitive discipline: Perception, Memory, Mental Speed and Reasoning. 

• Proprietary software developed by COPA Innovations Laboratories drives deeply immersive augmented reality digital images designed to train the sub-conscious mind towards improved spatial awareness and peripheral vision. 

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• “Mental Speed” skills enhance passing speed and accuracy. Decision making under stress is also improved within our Cognitive Studios regimens. 

COPA Labs is working with world class organizations such as Neuroscape, a neuroscience center at University of California San Francisco engaged in technology creation and scientific research to better assess and optimize brain function of both healthy and impaired individuals. In addition to the cognitive assessments associated with athletic performance, COPA Labs is committed to providing an cognitive environment that goes well beyond sports. 

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